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Hey. Welcome to my page. This is me, Ricarda. 

I live in Berlin and work as a yoga instructor inside office spaces, at studios and on event. Moving the body is a passion of mine and so is making people smile. 

My favorite part of my classes is when you're letting go, enjoy the mindfulness and realize how you're actually able to feel. 

After practicing yoga for years and intensifying it more in Miami over a course of 6 months it was time for the next step. I got my yoga teacher license at Yandara in Mexico February 18 and have been blessed to teach many classes filled with all kinds of yogis ever since.

I'm teaching a mix of Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga (a yoga flow with a focus on breath and some playful inversions) and Yin Yoga (a passive yoga style to relax into different poses, wind down and connect to yourself). Feel free to talk to me about the possibility of your own (group) classes , corporate yoga at your office or join an existing class.

*I instruct in English or German depending on the participants.