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Unfortunately my 75mins Aerial Yoga Advanced class at Hale Now Studios in Prenzlauer Berg won't take place anymore.

The main reason for that is that I simply couldn't manage to be there every week, no one could sub this class and therefore it got canceled too many times..

I still got my 2 Wednesday Morning Aerial Yoga classes that you can attempt to:

7:30 am Aerial Yoga Beginners

@Hale Now Prenzlauer Berg

9:00 am Aerial Yoga Intermediate

@Hale Now Prenzlauer Berg

You can book via the studio's homepage or via Urban Sports.

Especially the Beginners Class books out fast but you can put yourself on the waiting list or take a bold move and come to class even though you didn't get a spot anymore. -> IF you're lucky somebody doesn't show up. It that happens regularly.

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