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This Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is the great opportunity to dive deeper into the practice and/or to learn the skills to teach it to others while improving your own flexibility, strength and coordination.

Of course it's great if you're already a yoga teacher but you don't necessarily have to be.

In this level 1 training we are starting from point 0 so even if you haven't been practicing Aerial Yoga for long this can either be the beginning of your Aerial Yoga Journey or the deepening of your practice and skills. 

Within this 50-hour training you will...


... learn the basic Aerial Yoga Asanas and more!

... learn ​how to instruct others to find safely into the poses with language and demonstrations. 

... learn about common mistakes by students that can occur and how to avoid them. 

... learn how to give verbal and physical assists

... have improved your own practice

... learn how to combine the asanas into flows.

... learn about what you need to set up an Aerial Yoga Hammock

... receive a beautiful and very detailed manual in physical and digital form. 

... receive a certificate over 50h of training. 

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  • daily self-practice, theory and the practice to teach sequences for our always very loving and understanding group in the Yoga Studio of Hale.Now in Kreuzberg 

  • Equipment is available

  • My extensive knowledge and experience from years of practice & teaching

  • within the training you will be able to help me assist in 2 Aerial Yoga classes for others students 

  • a certificate of participation, with which you can teach in yoga studios afterwards 

  • the possibility to teach or substitute classes in the Hale Now Studio afterwards

  • a warm atmosphere of maximum 12 participants

  • tea & water provided on site 



stay tuned


The training will be mainly in English. However, I will be happy to translate into German. If there are only German-speaking participants, the training will be held in German. 


The price is 1250€ incl. VAT.
Payment in 2 or 3 installments is possible, but the entire training must be paid before the start.

Certificate of Participation:
You will receive a certificate of participation "Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (50h) -Level 1" and can teach with it. 

Please register over the page of Hale.Now.Studios (click the button below) or if you have any questions in advance please don't hesitate to write an email directly to me:


In this teacher training, Ricarda not only shared her immense knowledge about aerial yoga - but also revived my passion to teach! Forever grateful to her for this experience.
- Alexia Wencker

I highly recommend the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training held by Ricarda Magduschewski.
Ricarda is not only a wonderful Aerial Yoga and Yoga teacher (I had to pleasure to attend a lot of her classes) but also a calm, patient and reassuring guide when in it comes to learning how to become a teacher yourself. She can pass on her knowledge in a very clear way and enables you to find more confidence in your practice knowing what is important in each Asana and how to guide a class through each pose. 
Ricarda's Teacher Training was an amazing experience and thanks to her constant encouraging energy I feel enabled to start my own path as an Aerial Yoga teacher.
- Morgane Ferru

A well-structured 50-hour aerial yoga teacher training. We received a beautifully designed material. It covers various asanas from warm-up, floor moves to inversions. Ricarda provided very clear and detailed instructions to help us get used to all the movements and build our own se quences. Everyday, we got the chance to teach in the class and received feedback to improve our skills. From this training, I have learned how to give clear instructions and meaningful assistance in aerial yoga teaching. It also expanded my own knowledge on different asanas, muscle coordination and breath-work. I’d definitely recommend it to all yogis. 
- Jill Hsing-Fang Li.

I really enjoyed Ricarda‘s Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and learned a lot about alignment and teaching.
Ricarda explained the asanas in so much detail and she created a safe and supportive environment for us to learn and make all kinds of mistakes.
Each day, everyone had the chance to practice instructing a short warm up or flow. We got tons of helpful feedback and hints on how to cue better, what common mistakes are and so on.
During the course, we were also allowed to observe and assist in two real classes which was super fun as well! 
Overall, I‘m so happy to have participated in the training, thank you Ricarda!
- Mylo Tong

Ricarda's Aerial Yoga Trainer Teaching taught me so much more than what was promised. The depth in which we went into each Asana really brought my practice to another level. The training’s structure and organisation is amazing and really shows how much effort and heart Ricarda put into designing it. From day one, we learned how instruct and assist each of the Asanas in great detail and with variations as well as how to put them into a flow. Each training day finished with a teaching session we had to instruct and it really pushed my skills forward. The manual Ricarda provides is an outstanding resource. Beyond the athletic and teaching skills, Ricarda’s training taught me lots about myself: the beauty I find in aerial yoga, the importance of presentation, and the influence our verbal and non-verbal communication has on a group of people. I did the training mostly for myself in order to deepen my practice and fell in love with teaching, too. The training was definitely amongst the highlights of my year and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is playing with the idea of deepening their practice or teaching aerial.
- Lisanne Visser

I have been looking forward to the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Ricarda for months and my expectations were more than exceeded. It was a very intensive and instructive time and Ricarda created a safe space where we could all feel comfortable. In addition to all the new knowledge, I was able to meet many great people, for which I am incredibly grateful for. The Teacher Training also comes with a book, in which Ricarda illustrates with much effort and care all the important asanas and describes their execution and benefits in detail. This means that we have access to the content we have learned at any time after the teacher training. The Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Ricarda is really worth every penny!
- Adina Selin

This Aerial Yoga Teacher Training was a very unique experience for me. It was my first teacher training and I did it for myself, to intensify my practice. It really helped me to understand the different asanas and all the detailed body movements as we had enough time to talk about it all and try it out. I even had the impression to have gained more strength after these two weekends. My personal most surprising learning effect was the "teaching experience" as I was pretty afraid of doing it but felt more safe by the end of the training. Ricarda has a very calming, reassuring, fun and clear way that made me feel comfortable and motivated. I also had the impression that she payed attention to everyone in the group individually and with lots of appreciation. Thanks again for this wonderful training!

- Marina Maksimova

The TTC really gave me the base that I wished for to start my own journey as aerial yoga teacher. I instantly felt like Ricarda knows what she teaches, pointing out what to pay attention to in every pose. Moreover, she gets the soul of yoga, which is so important when conveying to students that we can discover our bodies while still paying respect to our own personal limits. I am grateful for the experience and can only recommend it, even if someone is not planning on teaching, but still wants an in depth dive into the world of aerial yoga.
- Ksenia Trifonova

The 5 days intensive Aerial Yoga Teacher Training was definitely time well spent for me. Ricarda made lots of effort preparing the training, the material was with rich content, agenda and classes were well planned andorganized. During the training, Ricarda gave clear instructions and guidance, explained everything patiently, took the time to ensure all questions were answered and allocated enough time for us to self-practice. Everyday, each of us was able to plan and conduct a small teaching session, to put the knowledge we've learnt into practice. Thanks again Ricarda for this great journey, it was my pleasure to be part of it!
- Wei Goa

Ricarda is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher! The Aerial Yoga teacher training she held was amazing — she immediately created a safe and pleasant environment to work together. She always made sure every step was clear to everyone before going forward with the program. She also gave us a million tips to be able to prepare for our classes and to deepen our personal knowledge about different poses. All of that, by adding fun moments too during the training! 
The course was very well structured and rounded on different aspects of aerial yoga teaching, moreover the studying material is super clear so that self-study, even after the training, is easy and straightforward. 
I would totally recommend starting this journey together with Ricarda — it was definitely worth it for me!
- Ilenia Noto

The 50 hr aerial yoga teacher training was not just a training, but also felt like a retreat in itself. Ricarda created a safe space and soothing environment so we could immerse in and dedicate time to one purpose at a relaxing pace. I am grateful for the five days we spent together on and off the silk, and the cohort I got to know and appreciate even beyond the five days together. Thank you Ricarda and my fellow aerial TT classmates! 
- Tracy Huang

I am incredibly happy about the decision 

to take the Aerial Teacher Training with Ricarda. 

It was a wonderful, intense time that we spent 

in such a warm, nurturing, heartfelt, 

and relaxed atmosphere, 

yet we learned tremendously. 

Before the teacher training, I was already quite 

addicted to aerial, especially the acrobatic aspect of the training in the fabric. I am a visual learner, 

and whether I attended a course in 

English or German rarely mattered to me because 

my attention wasn't really focused on the language 

and formulations - I somehow didn't really listen. 

It was only during the teacher training with 

the wonderful Ricarda that I learned, through 

her very precise formulations, the calmness and time 

she dedicated to them to emphasize their 

importance/value, and the many repetitions 

and exercises, to apply these formulations myself, 

to internalize the descriptions, 

and now to pass them on without any problems 

in both languages. This is especially important 

for auditory learners. 

Furthermore, Ricarda has awakened in me the love 

for the yoga aspect of aerial yoga, 

with poses that allow time to truly unfold their 

full effect, to support them with breath, and to perceive 

and enjoy their depth anew, 

becoming more mindful and precise in the process. 

Thank you very much, dear Ricarda!"

- Aleksandra Bierbaum

The Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Ricarda was truly a fantastic experience. In a small group, you learn individual asanas, transitions, the structure of a yoga class, and much more. I felt very comfortable from the very first moment and was able to deepen my yoga practice together with some very lovely new people. Throughout the teacher training, you can feel Ricarda's passion for teaching, and it's contagious. I highly recommend this teacher training to everyone and am glad I chose this course!

- Luisa Purkart

The ATT has been an absolute enrichment to my life. It has not only benefited me physically but also mentally. It was so much fun to discover how my body reacts to the newly learned asanas and which deep muscles are engaged. However, the greater hurdle for me was mental. The thought of standing in front of people and presenting or instructing something used to make me afraid. One reason for enrolling in this training was precisely to overcome that. Thanks to Ricarda's open, positive, and very empathetic approach, I managed to feel more confident day by day. The training was structured in a varied way, so the theory didn't feel like theory. What I liked the most was Ricarda's feedback. Her way of giving praise but also sharing areas for improvement helped and motivated me to continue developing. Through her sunny demeanor, she also created a wonderful sense of group unity. I felt very comfortable. Great experience! Thank you very much!

- Theresa Ludewig

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