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Hey, welcome to my page.

Hey, welcome to my page. I am Ricarda. Living in Berlin I work as a personal & corporate yoga instructor. I also offer weekly group classes in the park, in Studios, online and for events. Moving the body is a passion of mine and so is making people smile. Yoga isn't only a physical workout but also a very gentle workout for the mind. It can sound a bit serious but I strongly believe it rather being fun, blissful & literally self-empowering.


After practicing yoga for years and intensifying it more in Miami over a course of 6 months it was time for the next step. I got my yoga teacher license February 18 and have been blessed to teach many classes filled with all kinds of yogis ever since. In 2021 I extended my license and became an Aerial Yoga teacher.


My styles are a mix of Hatha & Vinyasa in which we flow through the asanas with a focus on the breath and become a bit playful with inversions that we take a little more time to get into and hold. Yin Yoga is a very passive and deeply relaxing style to calm the mind with a focus on flexibility at the same time. Aerial Yoga will lift us off our feet and/or help relieve tension in certain areas of the body. Hanging in the so called hammock also brings a lot of fun, other opportunities to stretch and invert the body. 


Feel free to talk to me about the possibility of your own (group) classes , Corporate Yoga or join an existing class.


*I instruct in English or German depending on the participants.