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Last month highlight was definitely my visit to Hamburg. Thanks to my friend and colleague Steffi Faradi, I was able to connect to different (Aerial) Yoga Studios in Hamburg with ease.

Steffi is not only a wonderful aerial yoga teacher herself but also an excellent host, helpful organizer AND salsa teacher.

I got my first Salsa lesson before my Hamburg Yoga Schedule started and somehow I got persuaded to go to a Salsa Party after 2 days filled with Aerial Yoga Classes and my 3-hour workshop. So tired at that point.

But suddenly.. Continue reading here

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Ich bin diesen Monat für 3 Tage in Hamburg um einen internen und einen offenen Workshop, eine Aerial Yoga Stunde für Anfänger und eine für Fortgeschrittene zu geben. Schau dir unten gerne meinen S T U


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