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Yuu Yoga is this still very new Yoga App that is not only special because of it's great courses and teachers **I am one of their 4 yoga teachers ;-p ** but also because of their Smart Mirror and Pose Comparison that no other yoga platform has.

Those features help you so much to get into the right posture and will improve your practice. Yoga at home or from a far is also way more fun this way.

The courses (a series of multiple yoga classes in a row) you can do with me inside the app are MASTER THE BASICS , DEIN WEG ZUM SPAGAT & FULL BODY TONING..

..more to come soon.

FYI: Since it's an App created by Porsche it's all in German so far.

click hier für:

Yuu Yoga Jahres-Abo : 16% DISCOUNT

Yuu Yoga 3-Monats-Abo : 12 % DISCOUNT

Yuu Yoga 1-Monats-Abo : 11% DISCOUNT

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