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Last Saturday the 27th November I subbed the first class for Cyberobics and today the second one already. So it's time to update the news. These classes are actually live streams and recorded inside a studio with 4 cameras that is also a gym room for all John Reed Members to join in person.

The John Reed at Gesundbrunnen in Berlin is one of the places where Cyberobics Classes are being recorded. So if you would like to join a class you can choose to be in the room with me while recording (though YOU are not really recorded. Just me.) or be in any other John Reed, McFit, High5 Gym or Gold's Gym where they have the live streams on a big screen. Another option is to use the Cyberobics App and participate live or later. All the classes stay in there ''on demand'' for 7 days.

The classes I teach here are also in German and English and these are the next ones fixed so far:

Dec 4th - 13:30 ''YOGA''

Dec 9th - 11:00 ''FLOW''

Dec 11th - 13:30 ''YOGA''

Dec 16th - 11:00 ''FLOW''

Jan 4th - 9:00 ''FLOW''

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I won't be giving any classes for 4 weeks from Monday January 15th until Monday February 12th. *The exception is my Aerial Yoga Intermediate class on Wednesdays at 9:00 am at Hale Now in Berlin, Prenz

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