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Last week it was my first time hosting an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and I am so so happy to say that it was a great success.

After planning everything and putting so much work into creating that physical and digital manual for the students to work with during the training and after I finally met up with Ilenia, Jill, Morgane, Wei & Xenya for 5 days in a row - 10 hours each day. And of course it wasn't the simplest thing to keep the energy up throughout all 50 hours of the training but I still truly enjoyed every minute of it and it was all worth it. I think the girls feel the same way. We have been discussing & practicing many basic Aerial Yoga Asanas and more, how to create flows, how to teach them to others and from day one on every participant taught (a) self created flow / flows to the others. I was able to see them gain so much more confidence in the movements and teachings and can't wait to visit their own classes. *I would like to add here that some people do not take teacher trainings in order to actually teach at all afterwards but just for their own practice and that's fine too but we definitely need more Aerial Yoga Teachers out there so I'm grateful for each one of them. I got very lucky with my first group of participants. We created a very loving and welcoming atmosphere, gave each other helpful feedback and grew together a little. :)) Of course all of that wouldn't have been possible without Hale.Now Studios who gave us girls the location, online exposure, sponsored the graphic designer for this manual and printed the first copies for the first little round. Thank youuu.

Thank you to Barbara Pascaly for that beautiful design of the manual and Carolin Pitzke for the great photos. It looks like there will be more Teacher Trainings coming up soon. Feel free to contact me about details.

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