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YOGA FOR CURIOSITY (streaming also)

Each Monday afternoon at 16:30 @Mindful Life Yoga Cafe I am instructing my new class for curiosity. What does that mean?

If you like to try out some asanas that you do not usually do in other Hatha-Vinyasa classes and at the same time flow with the basics, this is your class. Some of those asanas could be a bit challenging but we’ll always approach them with a smile and do not have to manage everything perfectly. Curious? Come and find out.

This class is in English / German and you can come to the studio or join from anywhere with a wifi connection.

*The studio is closed during the Christmas week (Monday 20th - 26th Dec).

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I won't be giving any classes for 4 weeks from Monday January 15th until Monday February 12th. *The exception is my Aerial Yoga Intermediate class on Wednesdays at 9:00 am at Hale Now in Berlin, Prenz

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