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Imagine starting every day with a meditation and a round of Yoga, having fun in the snow on your snowboard/skis all day and round it up with gentle and cozy stretches with Yin & Restorative Yoga and sound baths.

This is what awaits you for our Winter Wonderland Yoga Retreat in the French Alpes this March 2022.

Next to being mindful with yoga and ballsy in the snow there'll also be time to shake it out and party. So one of these days our Gin & Yang Yoga will prepare to go a little wilder.

What: Yoga, Snowboard/Ski & Community*

When: 05.03. - 12.03.2022

Where: Les Deux Alpes

Who: collaboration between SnowZone & Namaste United. I'll be your daily yoga teacher.

*The ticket includes:

- 7 nights in apartments

- 6-Day-Ski-Pass for Les2Alpes

- Sunrise-, Glacier-, Latenight-Yoga

- ski-zone guidings

- club parties & events by SnowZone

all for 399,- €


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